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Meet Sir Paul

Season Three

Initiated into BDSM as a young man in Chicoutimi, Sir Paul runs a BDSM academy in Montreal and has performed his fetish act in Montreal gay bars for many years. A fit 50-year-old, Sir Paul is a leather man who is haunted by the ghosts of all the friends and lovers who have died of AIDS over the years. But Sir Paul continues to perform in bars, out of love for those he misses dearly.

Meet other Characters


In Season Five of KINK, the documentary lens turns onto a new line-up of subjects in a small fetish community in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There’s a down home, D.I.Y. approach to the scene here, a sense of learning while you go. But as always, KINK documents the fearless exploration of life beyond the sexual norms with a focus on adventure and change. The series’ subjects – a pain ‘slut’, a fledgling dominatrix, and several players in the BDSM scene - all feel a deep and heartfelt need to transform themselves and push the boundaries in their personal lives. The kinky scene in this small coastal city has a friendly feel that mirrors the spirit of the community in which our subjects live, and presents an interesting picture of adventurous spirits who also reflect a culture that honors tradition, sincerity and simple values.

Episode 1: Meet the characters.

Eager to learn the ropes, wannabe dom Sherry seeks advice from dominatrix Lady J in the art of domination. Derrick & Dave push the boundaries of personal grooming. Exhibitionist Eliese is thrilled to go out on the edge, posing for a fetish photo shoot. Married couple Jeanne & Kate bring the BDSM goods they’ve made to market just in time for the adult toy shopping season. Ryan gets measured for his leather jockstrap in preparation for going for the gold in the Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Contest. Buy Download

Episode 2: Ryan and the Leather Contest.

Ryan struts his stuff at the Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Contest, with Jeanne & Kate at his side to offer strategic advice and moral support. Eliese goes girl to girl in a raunchy speakeasy-themed photo shoot entitled Five Card Sluts - shot by her boyfriend Trav. Wannabe dom Sherry gives longtime boyfriend Dan a strapping with a licorice whip. Buy Download

Episode 3: Teacher-student fantasy.

Derrick & Dave play out a mutually enjoyable teacher-student fantasy. Sherry revisits her painful past and, with dom Lady J’s expert advice, practices her flogging technique on willing boyfriend Dan. Ryan looks forward to his upcoming 24th birthday party - a pirate-themed celebration that will include some birthday spankings. Buy Download

Episode 4: Parties and fantasies.

Ryan’s 24th birthday party group spanking symbolizes his happy return to masochism. Derrick & Dave leave the safety of their home to explore BDSM fantasies at Sea Dogs, a gay bathhouse. Jeanne & Kate host an all-girl play party at their country home. Buy Download

Episode 5: Rural play time.

Jeanne & Kate move to rural Londonderry, where Kate finally gets her dream home: a log cabin in the woods with a dedicated play space. Ryan visits them there and submits to the firm and loving hand of Kate in the great outdoors. Sherry, with willing boyfriend Dan, makes giant strides in both her domming technique and self-confidence. Derrick & Dave struggle to define their relationship. Buy Download

Episode 6: Revelations and discoveries.

Jeanne & Kate reveal what makes their relationship tick, as they head off to Halifax’s women-only bathhouse night. Relative novice Eliese, gets a mind-and-body expanding initiation into finding the G spot and a BDSM intro from her older and more experienced mentors. Derrick sticks it to Dave, as they enact a hockey dressing room fantasy. Buy Download

Episode 7: “Sex kitten for the day.”

Jeanne & Kate play with their “sex kitten for the day” Renee at their country home; Masochist Ryan rounds into form through play sessions with friend Ed, in Ryan’s quest for the ultimate sadist; Eliese draws up a list of wanna do’s and don’t wanna do’s, and wonders if boyfriend Trav can get up to speed. Buy Download

Episode 8: Toys and performances.

Ryan and Eliese both present therapeutic performance pieces at a Day of the Dead party hosted by Fatale Femmes. Jeanne & Kate show up and Ryan becomes Jeanne’s newest victim for the violet wand. Sherry makes new toys to use on Dan, to the extreme satisfaction of both. Buy Download

Episode 9: Derrick & Dave’s abduction fantasy.

Derrick & Dave’s abduction fantasy is tested when Dave can’t decide whether to be abductor or abductee; Eliese hosts a play piercing party; masochist Ryan takes a surprising step towards fulfilling his desires. Buy Download

Episode 10: Sir Paul.

Ryan travels to Montreal to meet up with experienced dom Sir Paul; Kate invites her “boy”, Deb, to the country for a gentle play session; Derrick & Dave put the final touches on their long-planned abduction fantasy. Buy Download

Episode 11: The fantasy goes awry.

Derrick & Dave’s abduction fantasy hurtles off the rails. Sherry graduates to playing with Dan publicly for the first time. Kate gets a visit from old friend, Gypsy…and a rare opportunity to bottom again. Buy Download

Episode 12: A whole other side of Kate.

We see a whole other side of Kate as she subs for her visiting American friend Gypsy. Eliese and Trav reverse roles for a BDSM-themed photo shoot. Big changes appear to be in store for Ryan as he finally finds his “daddy”. Buy Download

Episode 13: Everyone in the season finale.

In the season finale, Ryan falls head over heels in love, and finds his whole life transformed. Derrick & Dave try to figure out the next step towards making their relationship work. Sherry’s newfound confidence frees her to fulfill her desires in both play and vanilla life. Jeanne & Kate host their first ‘women only’ play party at their new home, where Kate’s new community see her as the submissive for the first time. Buy Download