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Meet Pandora

Season Four

Pandora is a pro dom, an escort…and a mom. A self-confessed sadist, masochist, and nymphomaniac who likes both men and women….she also describes herself as a starry-eyed romantic, with a rocky, on-again, off-again relationship with longtime, straight boyfriend, Joseph. Can Joseph accept all that Pandora is? How far are both of them willing and able to go to make their relationship work?

Meet other Characters


In this season on KINK, the viewer is introduced to a burgeoning fetish scene in the rural heartland – revealing that sexual adventure and exploration are not the exclusive territory of sophisticated urban centers. Season 4 takes up the KINK mantle and focuses on change – whether it be female to male, dominatrix to housewife – the program’s subjects all feel a deep heart-felt need to transform their lives. While all of the subjects are involved in serious relationships, they are curious to explore the kinky life while trying to hold on to their beloved partners. The trick of managing both creates an added element of tension, conflict and complexity.

Episode 1: Meet several main characters.

Tranny hooker Alexis interviews a bevy of drag queens as proof that Winnipeg is ‘The City of Queens’. Steph & Shelly, maybe the only lesbians in Dawson Creek, set off on a road trip to Winnipeg in hopes of experiencing a wider world. Wannabe porn stars Erik & Krista bring a stranger home to watch them perform; Dominatrix Pandora, a self-described ‘hopeless romantic’, does a wide variety of nasty things to her submissive, Alex. Fag drag king Reece and his dyke partner Liz perform a sketch act at the Club Desire. Buy Download

Episode 2: Floggers, hot wax and more.

Tranny hooker Alexis gives a flogger to boyfriend Derek as an anniversary gift. Arriving in Edmonton, Shelly twiddles her thumbs while Steph gets a hot wax treatment from ‘the other woman’, her dominatrix Mistress Darkniis. Dom Pandora and straight boyfriend Joe break up for the eighth and perhaps final time. Buy Download

Episode 3: Gender Play Cabaret at the Club Desire.

Non-kinky Joe agrees to sub for dominatrix ex-girlfriend Pandora, in a last ditch attempt to revive their relationship. Reece and Liz perform in the Gender Play Cabaret at the Club Desire. Shelly deals with jealousy when she, Steph, and Steph’s dom, Mistress Darkniis, step out for a night on the town. Buy Download

Episode 4: Ownership Ceremony.

Leaving Edmonton, novice submissive Steph looks forward to the Ownership Ceremony where she’ll get a permanent collar, while Shelly grapples with the kinky scene her girlfriend is into. Dominatrix Pandora’s friend Coco arrives in Winnipeg from Vancouver for a little tag-team action on Pandora’s favourite submissive. Prostitute Alexis wonders if she can get disability payments from the government for her sore jaw. Buy Download

Episode 5: Fun a lesbian bathhouse party.

Alexis gets botox and lip enlargement injections, and an argument from her longtime beau, Derek. Steph & Shelly, newly arrived in Winnipeg, are invited to a housewarming BBQ at Reece & Liz’s new house, and later for fun and games at a lesbian bathhouse party. Reece and Liz explain their complex gender roles, but simple love for each other. Buy Download

Episode 6: Plushing with Mr. Squirrel.

Alexis gets dumped by Derek but consoles herself by plushing with Mr. Squirrel, Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Lion. Drag King Reece confides details about his transitioning from woman to man. Gay couple Steph & Shelly make dominatrix Pandora’s acquaintance at the nail salon and, to the surprise of all three, sparks start to fly between Shelly and the dom. Buy Download

Episode 7: Separate vacations. BDSM lessons.

With Joe and Steph leaving their partners for out-of-town vacations, Pandora and Shelly are both at loose ends. A curious Shelly looks up Pandora for a lesson in BDSM – and finds herself responding to the power she wields. Reece makes a solo trip to Toronto to check out all aspects of the male gay scene. Buy Download

Episode 8: Shelly & Pandora. Erik & Krista.

Shelly is surprised to find that she enjoys learning the bondage and domination ropes from Pandora. Alexis gets a reality check when her former role model, Stephen, drops by for a heart-to-heart talk. Erik & Krista receive their Make Your Own Dildo kit in the mail and get right down to work, using Erik as the master mold. Buy Download

Episode 9: Bathhouse, tarot cards and more.

Pandora tours the tough ‘hood’ where she grew up and drops in on her mum. Later, she convinces Joe to accompany her to the bathhouse where she becomes the focal point of three men’s intense desire. Erik pays a visit to the hardware store to buy raw materials for Krista’s new fetish outfit, as the couple prepares to live out their fantasies in an explicit photo session. Alexis gets her tarot cards read and confides revealing details of her childhood. Buy Download

Episode 10: Erik & Krista’s photo shoot.

Alexis tries to channel her longstanding self-destructive habits into healthier activities, and successfully lobbies her local Member of Parliament to sign a petition legalizing prostitution. Erik & Krista, tense and tired from their daily cares, rediscover the essence of their love by posing for an ecstatic, erotic photo shoot. Pandora drops a bomb on Joe, when she confesses she’s suddenly fallen in love with David…and is moving to Alberta! Buy Download

Episode 11: Pandora goes straight: sort of.

Alexis and Derek get back together for a night of roller-skating but despite their love for each other, neither is sure they can compromise enough to make their relationship work. In what Erik calls “one of the most important nights of our lives”, he & Krista kick it up a whole lot of notches by starring in their own porno movie. In love, and certain she’s found her Prince Charming, dominatrix Pandora moves to Alberta to live with her new boyfriend, David, becoming a housewife by day…while still spanking a few bottoms by night. Buy Download