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Meet Nina

Season Two

Nina was born Rodney, but when he didn’t become a woman after going through puberty, he knew he’d have to take matters into his own hands. Now, after four years and $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries, he’s emerged as Nina, a beautiful she-male who’s grappling with the notion of going all the way and becoming a complete woman. Her fear is that no one will love her for who she really is once she takes that final – and irreversible - step.

Meet other Characters


In this first season of KINK, viewers begin an intimate journey into the lives of people living on the sexual edge; exploring love, pain and pleasure in Vancouver’s thriving underground community. Season 1 opens a window onto a world of kinky sexual behavior, exploring sadomasochism, cross-dressing, gender switching, and fetishism, all wrapped up in the very basic pursuit of love and belonging. These aren’t actors performing sexual fantasies, these are real people fully revealed through intimate interviews, at work, at home, out in the world and in the throes of love games. Our subjects in Season 1 are searching for ways to be true to themselves and their needs, undaunted by the prejudices of society.

Episode 1: Fanny & Fogg. Stephen. David.

FANNY and FOGG, two self-professed dedicated sado-masochists, introduce viewers to the joys of S/M. Also meet STEPHEN, in drag, and DAVID, an old school, gay, leather master, is in search of his perfect mate. Buy Download

Episode 2: Shopping. Meet Pat.

Come along on various shopping expeditions, for ‘play’ props and more, and meet PAT, who explains, in tangible terms, the ethereal pleasures she draws from masochistic practices. Buy Download

Episode 3: Encounters.

A night of heavy play for FANNY and FOGG. STEPHEN spends a day at the beach. DAVID meets up with one of his “gold list” members; and PAT explains the pleasure she derives from S/M during a practice session with her master friend Bill. Buy Download

Episode 4: Shaira and Ms. X.

We introduce SHAIRA and her lover, MS. X, through a wildly exotic candelabra performance. PAT is in love. STEPHEN takes us to visit his mother and explores his past. Buy Download

Episode 5: Polyamory.

FOGG and FANNY show us just how a polyamorous relationship works, spending the weekend apart with other playmates. MS. X and SHAIRA talk of the complications in their unusual relationship. DAVID puts love on hold. PAT reveals a dark side to S/M. Buy Download

Episode 6: Velvet.

VELVET, a glamorous transgendered dominatrix, plays tour guide to the underground world of fetish parties. PAT discovers that two “bottoms” can’t make a go of it. FOGG is surprised by a visit from his former private school teacher who brings along memorabilia. STEPHEN dresses for a big night out. Buy Download

Episode 7: Velvet’s dinner party & more.

VELVET hosts a dinner party; FOGG and FANNY set up a public dungeon at a local club, and STEPHEN dons his fluffiest outfit for a day at the fair. Buy Download

Episode 8: Elaine.

ELAINE opens the doors to her closet for a tour of her vast collection of toys. FANNY gets an opportunity to partake in her favourite kind of kink with her masochist friend, Andrea Bottoms, while DAVID goes to work in his basement with a “bondage bottom” who really needs to be tied up. Buy Download

Episode 9: "Play party" time.

It’s “play party” time in the kink community. Several of our characters come together to have fun, to watch and to be watched. Buy Download

Episode 10: Everyone gets busy.

For STEPHEN, love lies waiting in the whispering shrubs of Vancouver’s nude beach. FOGG leans away from FANNY, and closer to Andrea. PAT is consumed by her love for dominant women, VELVET and her business partner, Rosamond, talk about their experiences. Buy Download

Episode 11: Pride parade.

VELVET and Rosamond address the difficulties of living 'out', loud and proud; FANNY faces up to a buried trauma, and the gay community comes together for the Vancouver Pride Parade. Buy Download

Episode 12: Dream dates.

DAVID and STEPHEN prepare for their dream dates. PAT shares the painful story of her motherless childhood. FOGG looks for a new line of work. inflicted by her father. VELVET heads out to play dominatrix for the night. Buy Download

Episode 13: Reflections on the journey.

The subjects of KINK gather for a group photo shoot and DAVID sums up the journey with an honest remark, "People ask me about my sexual fantasies. My response is usually, 'What sexual fantasies?' You have sexual fantasies because you haven't actually lived them out." Buy Download

David Shaira Steven Velvet