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Meet Nina

Season Two

Nina was born Rodney, but when he didn’t become a woman after going through puberty, he knew he’d have to take matters into his own hands. Now, after four years and $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgeries, he’s emerged as Nina, a beautiful she-male who’s grappling with the notion of going all the way and becoming a complete woman. Her fear is that no one will love her for who she really is once she takes that final – and irreversible - step.

Meet other Characters


Season Three turns its lens on the lives of an entirely new KINK community – this time located in Montreal. More journeys of self-discovery and sexual freedom with an apprentice dominatrix and a whole stable of male and female submissives; play-piercing and scarification; open relationships with twosomes, threesomes and moresomes; sex in plastic sheeting with duct tape; transsexual body modifications and a spectacular suspension at The Funhouse Club where the characters of Season 3 gather. The season closes with all of the subjects meeting, some for the first time, at a big fetish party, where they each perform their own kinky specialty.

Episode 1: Meet Viky, Ella and Derek.

Good Greek girl Viky gets coached by Fetishia for her next session as an apprentice dominatrix; Ella and her boyfriend, Julien, spend an evening play-piercing; Derek and his love daddy, Christian, discuss threesomes, foursomes and moresomes; our Kink community goes to The Funhouse to watch a body suspension. Buy Download

Episode 2: Ella, Jules and Chiken.

Ella recounts her accident, its aftermath and how she came to love her scars; Jules shops for women’s clothes and hangs weights from various parts of his body; we meet Chiken, a self- described lowly Type II transsexual and eager bottom. Buy Download

Episode 3: Catharine & Pierre.

Transsexual Chiken reveals her numerous body modifications; Dom partners Catharine & Pierre oversee their stable of subs; Derek and Christian invite their friend Giles for some fun and fantasy in the woods. Buy Download

Episode 4: Jules “pushes the envelope.”

Viky describes her journey from nice Greek girl to not-so-nice Greek dominatrix. Pierre drums on Laney’s derriere. Jules tells his Catholic life story and ‘pushes the envelope’ with more body modification. Buy Download

Episode 5: Rubber Dandy & Princess Scarlett.

Rubber Dandy & Princess Scarlett spend unusual quality time with latex and a vacuum cleaner; Derek relates the long-term consequences of being raped; Ella shows off her latest work of art: new branding and scars for her body. Buy Download

Episode 6: Photos and other adventures.

Viky and her boyfriend George shoot photos for their new fetish venture. Chiken eagerly awaits a visit from her American transsexual soulmate; Derek and Christian hang out with Derek’s mum; the needles come out when Jules performs at the Funhouse. Buy Download

Episode 7: Dominatrix Catharine.

Dominatrix Catharine plays dress up with submissive Bébelle; Chiken nervously awaits a visit from her Colorado lover, Zoe; we meet Sir Paul and visit his academy. Buy Download

Episode 8: Plastic sheeting and duct tape.

Princess Scarlett mummifies Rubber Dandy in plastic sheeting and duct tape; Sir Paul talks about his childhood in Chicoutimi and his initiation to BDSM; Ella and Julien pose for a photographer. Buy Download

Episode 9: Jules’ new romance.

Chiken & Zoe pose for an erotic photo shoot; Jules reveals a new, romantic miracle in his life; submissive Shane needs to be disciplined by Mistress Catharine. Buy Download

Episode 10: Piercing. Bear party.

Viky and George get pierced; Derek lives large at a bear party; Rubber Dandy & Princess Scarlett do something extra special for Dandy’s birthday. Buy Download

Episode 11: Ménage a trios.

A threesome is bliss for Jules as he enters into a ménage a trois with his girlfriend and his dominatrix; Sir Paul continues to perform despite the ghosts in his life; tears flow when sub Shane decides to leave Catharine & Pierre’s stable. Buy Download

Episode 12: Chiken’s heartbreak. Jules’ playroom.

Chiken is heartbroken when Zoe returns to Colorado; Latent artist Ella performs a hot version of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite at The Funhouse; Jules prepares to move into a big new building with a spacious new playroom. Buy Download

Episode 13: Season finale at Yvanka’s dungeon.

All of the KINK subjects come together for a play party at Yvanka’s dungeon; Jules dons hoofs to push the boundaries of fetish photography; Derek & Christian plan for the future; Sir Paul reflects on the meaning of life. Buy Download