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Meet Ryan

Season Five

Somewhat shy by nature, 24 year-old masochist Ryan is cautiously re-entering the BDSM (bondage discipline sadism masochism) scene after a year-long hiatus following the traumatic death of his gay lover and mentor. Now the self-confessed “pain slut” begins to make tentative steps to blossom anew in the fetish community, competing in the Mr. Atlantic Canada Leather Contest, and reaching out in unexpected directions to explore BDSM. Will Ryan find happiness, fulfillment, and true love, or is only more heartache on the horizon?

Meet other Characters


The journey of sexual adventure and discovery continues in Season Two of KINK. From a professional dominatrix to a “newbie” couple from the suburbs, the subjects of this season are on a quest to create their identities and shatter norms in pursuit of passion. Their limits – although strictly negotiated – are constantly challenged. Video porn, suburban BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sado-Masochism) and the personal politics required to contemplate a complete sex change.

In Season Two, the portraits of Nina, Lynda & Karel, Candy Cane, Mistress Demonika, Rowan & Diane, and Todd take us on intense, intimate, and ultimately unique journeys. The cameras follow them as their lives diverge and intersect: from home, to play party, to Pride Parade. Though their closets hold unusual contents – dildos, ropes, video cameras and floggers — their lives deal with universal issues: the search for identity, individuality, community, even love

Episode 1: Meet the characters.

Lynda & Karel, the “newbies”, meet up with Candy Cane and Mistress Demonika at a Fetish party in Toronto. Buy Download

Episode 2: Mistress Demonika’s new client,

Mistress Demonika entertains a new client, Nina talks candidly about her transformation, and Lynda and Karel go shopping — for a whip. Buy Download

Episode 3: Todd’s festish. Candy Cane’s “pet.”

We are introduced to Todd’s fetish for video, Candy Cane plays with her cross-dressing “Pet”, and Nina’s appears to have found romance. Buy Download

Episode 4: Demonika’s boyfriend. Nina’s romance.

Todd cranks out another video, Mistress Demonika and her boyfriend escape the city for a weekend in Niagara Falls, Nina’s romance turns sour. Buy Download

Episode 5: Naughty Kitty party.

Nina meets an ex-lover from her “guy” days, Candy Cane goes to the Naughty Kitty party where she plays with Lynda while Karel watches intently. Buy Download

Episode 6: Japanese rope bondage.

Lynda & Karel try Japanese rope bondage, Todd reflects on his writing career, Mistress Demonika works hard to have fun. Buy Download

Episode 7: Rowan and Diane.

A night out with another one of Candy’s play-pals, Nina and Todd delve into the past to reveal Nina’s surgical undertakings, and we are introduced to Rowan and Diane. Buy Download

Episode 8: Demonika’s birthday party.

Lynda struggles with her religious upbringing, Rowan & Diane shop for sex toys, debauchery ensues at Mistress Demonika’s birthday party, Nina talks about her Ex, Swavek, who is in jail. Buy Download

Episode 9: Misadventures with Nina and Todd.

Nina picks up Swavek from jail, Todd is making yet another video but this time not without a hitch, Candy Cane talks about her web community. Buy Download

Episode 10: Lynda and her manicurist.

Lynda has a unsettling encounter with her manicurist, Nina contemplates the nature of love, Mistress Demonika catches up on work. Buy Download

Episode 11: Pride Weekend and other pageants.

It’s Pride Weekend and Nina is in charge and on the go, Todd is busy producing a one of a kind pageant, and Rowan has a plan to humiliate Diane. Buy Download

Episode 12: Rough going for Rowan & Diane.

Nina visits her parents, all is not well with Rowan & Diane. Todd’s making wrestling porn and reveals his take on relationships. Buy Download

Episode 13: Finale at NorthBound Leather Ball

In this closing episode, our subjects, dressed to the max, all end up at the NorthBound Leather Ball, an annual fetish extravaganza in Toronto. They reflect upon their television journey and discuss plans for the future. Buy Download

Lynda and Karel Nina Todd Candy