Meet Renee

Season Two

Mistress Demonika, AKA Renee, is a total escapist and a professional dominatrix. She can’t stand the real world and she finds normal sex boring. So she’s created her own world inside her dungeon. She has whips, paddles, restraints, hoisting devices and a medical area. - It’s her profession, and she’s good at it. She can turn off her phone for a week if she doesn’t feel like working.

Meet other Characters

"Kink" is all real, all the time.

All the characters in "Kink" are over 18; and have freely agreed to participate in the series. "Kink" is about real people and real stories. It's not porn. It's not exploitative. It's about consenting adults living life on their own terms.

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Welcome to Kink.

Join us on the adventure.

Over the course of 5 years, 63 episodes and dozens of unforgettable characters, KINK has showcased the personal exploration of alternative sexuality through the stories of many, very real, people.

Our approach is up close and totally personal. We get to know our subjects intimately -- their lifestyles, their fetishes, their relationships, and how they manage to live in two separate worlds. Many of our subjects are still learning about themselves, and we get to accompany them on their journeys of self-discovery.

KINK takes us to places some of us have never dreamed of.

"Extremely enlightening and even addictive ... a characteristic that sets it apart from today’s barrage of mind-numbingly packaged and fake reality shows." Skin Two, UK
"Once you know you're kinky it's kind of like knowing you're a vampire, you can't really go back." Fanny, Season One
"Kink is far and away the best sex show on weekend television because it views its subjects as stories rather than wrestling opponents.", 2005
"frank and uninhibited" Starweek, 2001
"The scene is genuinely erotic. There is a world of mystery here - a variety of unexplained stories.", 2005
"sizzling" Westender, 2001